Borat On Saturday Night Live

Borat On Saturday Night Live

Just one week after the lamest SNL episode in 15 years (give or take) our favorite Kazah recording artist injected some life into Saturday Night. The setup: sweeping budget cuts force Lorne Michaels to sell the first five minutes of the show to the Kazakhstan Ministry Of Information. Watch here. Some of the jokes are recycled from last week’s London premiere, but we hope you agree it’s too early for a backlash against the politically incorrect reporter. Cultural Learning’s of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan isn’t even out yet! Plus, how many of you are gonna be Borat for Halloween? We thought so. The accent’s easy, and “throw the Jew down the well” is less offensive than Bill Maher. So enjoy Borat now before “Jagshemash” becomes the new “motherfucking snakes.”

Oh, and “Schwing! It means the phallus is erect.”

P.S.: Beck brought the puppets for “Nausea” and “Clap Hands,” but NBC and Interscope hate YouTube, so you’ll have to wait for a repeat.

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