David Bazan – “Flirted With You All My Life” (Vic Chestnutt Cover) Live Video

In 2009, when Vic Chestnutt was interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air, he explained the sentiment lurking within “Flirted With You All My Life,” a heartbreaker from his penultimate album At The Cut: “You know, I’ve attempted suicide three or four times. It didn’t take.” It did take last Christmas when Chestnutt died in an Athens hospital after going into a coma from an overdose of muscle relaxants. Covering a song this heavy is a tough task, but David Bazan, who seemingly likes to tackle complex sadness, gave it a go last weekend at Le Poisson Rouge as part of Radio Happy Hour. Only not so happy.

As far as the rest of the day, it went like so:

Musician David Bazan, actor Jesse Eisenberg, and comedian Max Silvestri joined the Radio Happy Hour crew for “Bobbledead” the tale of Junior Executive VPs David Bazan and Max Silvestri, and their consultant/demon Jesse Eisenberg, and the frightened staff of the company, Sam, Wendy, and Aodh McKenzie, who find the CEO dead in the break room under a mysterious collection of bobblehead dolls. Hitchcock only wishes.

One of these things does not belong? We’re told the cover took place during a setbreak for the crowd, which was rightly “leveled” by the performance. You can hear the sunnier stuff via a podcast at radiohappyhour.com.

At The Cut is out via Constellation.