New Nellie McKay – “There You Are In Me”

Yesterday, hip-hop pianist Nellie McKay released Pretty Little Head, the follow-up to her highly acclaimed Get Away From Me. It was originally slated for release last October, but Sony insisted on a single CD, instead of Nellie’s 23-song opus. But you can’t keep a good cabaret rapper down, and Head’s new home is Nellie’s own Hungry Mouse label.

Her witty rhyme stylings (“Never had Nintendo/Saw a lot of Brecht, though”) remind us of Paul Barman meets Broadway. With a PETA twist. Among McKay’s passion projects are banning carriage horses throughout the country and trying to close Columbia University?s primate laboratories.

Anyway, a little bit classical, a little bit venomous. Tell us what you think:

Nellie McKay – “There You Are In Me” (MP3)

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