Stereogum Does CMJ: Flavorpill Party

From the sultry stylings of The Cardigans, we set off for the Flavorpill party, taking us to the hotbed of activity at 30th St. and 7th Ave. (that’s sarcasm, for you unfamiliar with NYC cross streets), ensuring there would be no more show hopping for our Hallow’s Eve. And when they told us it’d be a Halloween party, we didn’t realize it’d be a “Halloween party,” with bouncers that give the ol’ head-to-toe to make sure we were dressed slutty and incognito. (Luckily for us they bought our “nerdy blogger” costumes — we pulled it off smashingly). Seriously great party, though; people were loving life, downing free vodka, and decked in full-on costumes (nothing we hadn’t seen before, but to the crowd’s credit, only one Oops I Did It Britney).

But we went for the music, man — and it started pretty damn late. CSS hit at midnight, and Lovefoxxx sounded like she had asked about as many people to suck her art tit as her voice could handle. Still, she’s ever the party starter, and she didn’t let up for minute. This wasn’t the first time we’d seen CSS, and our take remains the same: The record’s okay, the live show’s a gas.

And then it was Spank Rock. We were glad to run into Naeem outside, where we caught up on life post-Øya and were schooled in Spank lore (like, did you know the Jesse Gorham-Engard directed clip for “Rick Rubin” cost $150 to make?!).

By the time the Rock took stage, it was late, costumes were peeling off article of clothing at a time, and people were wasted. Those are typically ideal conditions for Naeem to destroy a crowd, but ya couldn’t help but feel people were there more for the booze than for the tunes. But we took it at face value: A firestarting MC working a too-drunk party and still killing it.

For next year, then: More candy, better “costumes,” less booze, but just as much Nina and Naeem.

Tags: CMJ, CSS, Spank Rock