Stereogum Does CMJ: 120 Days @ FADER House

The popular punchline on the LES this week is that 120 Days are playing CMJ 120 times. Which suits us fine, since we’ve been dying to see ‘em again since the revelatory Øya coming out that earned them the Band To Watch tag. And while throbbing synth-rock may imply more of a headphones treat than something you’d want to experience live before the sun goes down, rest assured there’s nothing detached about the guys’ performance. No one complained about the Norwegian Vice signees fresh-faced boy band looks (their former moniker was The Beautiful People … before they started reading Marquis de Sade). But if all eyes were glued to Ådne Meisfjord for yesterday’s set at 88 Delancey, it was because the singer’s passion and swagger are unmatched among like-minded acts we’ve seen (e.g., The Knife.) Meisfjord writhes to pulsating Roland soundscapes, alternately pecking out layers of Nintendo rings and owning the mic like Iggy Pop. They’re the Neu Strokes! 120 Days have been closing out their sets with the epic “Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone),” but this vid offers just a taste: the whole song would’ve exceeded YouTube’s time limit anyway.

UPDATE: Although nothing quite captures Ådne on stage like moving images, we decided to share some pics from the set after the jump — ’cause you girls can’t make bedroom pinups out of YouTube clips, can ya?

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