Stereogum Does CMJ: Bow Wow Wow @ Hiro Ballroom

It’s tough to be everywhere at once (and yet we die trying!), so every here and there we’ve asked some of our friends with fancy cams to send over pics of shows we were forced to skip. So while we were at Fader (for blogger-loved 120 Days and Annuals) and Mercury Lounge (for Malajube, the outstanding Archie Bronson Outfit et al), our friend Jonny Bahr was taking in the scene at Hiro for the Marie Antoinette party, featuring a well-loved Ra Ra Riot set, and the awesome ’80s new wave of Bow Wow Wow!

The band read your disappointed reviews of the “I Want Candy”-Kevin Shields remix and opted for the original, “twenty-seconds-of-echo-box”-less version instead (assuming you could hear a difference between the two), with the rest of the set featuring every BWW single you could ask for. We hear Annabella looked cute in a low cut, pre-costume change outfit, but this here’s a family program, so we’re going with this pic instead. Best description of her getup wins a cookie.

01. “I Started Something”
02. “W.O.R.K.”
03. “See Jungle”
04. “Louis Quatorze”
05. “Afrodizziac”
06. “Do Ya Wanna Hold Me”
07. “1000 Tears”
08. “Orangoutang”
09. “Sinner Sinner Sinner”
10. “Fools Rush In”
11. “Go Wild”
12. “Uomo Sex Al Apache”
13. “I Want Candy”
14. “C30 C60 C90 Go”
15. “What’s The Time”

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