The ‘Gum Bowl: Photos Of The Tournament

Imagine getting a bunch of your favorite comedians and musicians into a bowling alley, telling them they were there for a good cause, then getting them liquored up and to talk trash on each other while throwing gutter balls for charity. Bring video cameras. And still cameras. Sit back and watch the madness unfold. Yesterday’s ‘Gum Bowl tournament, benefitting The Adirondack Council, was pretty major. After it all, we had Woods, Effi Briest, and DJ St. Vincent play a free concert — and we’ll have some stuff to show you on that front — but for now, the bowling tournament. We’ll have plentiful video highlights (which are outrageous, and awesome) very soon. First up: So many photos. Our gallery functionality only allows 40 pics at a time, but every last one of Ryan Muir’s shots from the event deserve to be seen. So you’ll get 40 here, and another gallery soon of the Behind The Scenes action.

But for the hardcore bowling fans… here’s how the teams broke down:

TEAM BOWL: MOVEMENTS. (the “colon” and “period” are like the holes in a bowling ball, get it?)
Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav)
Baron Vaughn
Gabe Liedman
Himanshu Suri (Das Racist)
Nick Thorburn (Islands, Reefer, Human Highway)

Marnie Stern
Jemina Pearl
Kip Berman (The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart)
Max Silvestri
Gabe Delahaye

Jon Glaser
Sondre Lerche
Dawn Landes
Patrick Borelli
Thomas Bartlett (Doveman)

Alan Palomo (Neon Indian)
Khaela Maricich (The Blow)
Kumail Nanjiani
Elizabeth Harper (Class Actress)
Larry Murphy

The teams named themselves (obviously). The 1st round featured Team Bowl:Movements taking on Team Not Seattle Team Strike Force, and Please Don’t Tell vs. Team Fur-rari. And the winners, we’ll reveal in the coming videos.

Coming soon: A video from Woods’ set, Behind The Scenes photos, and video footage of all the friendship and acrimonious shit talking that went down. You’re gonna like it.