The ‘Gum Bowl: Woods Live Video, Effi Briest & DJ St. Vincent Pics

You’ve seen photos of the celebrity bowling tournament, and the behind-the-scenes pictures. Soon you’ll see the whole event in video highlights. But this one, and the live video herein, is about the free concert that followed. Brooklyn Bowl’s a big space with shitload of visual stimuli (e.g. a polar bear starving to death in big-screen HD, the sounds of bowling balls coming from the opposite direction), but DJ Annie Clark focused things quickly with “Tom Sawyer,” a song that hits nostalgic synapses across demographic lines. (Her between-band and post-Woods sets also worked “I’m On Fire,” Faith No More’s “Epic,” Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talking,” “Burning Down the House,” Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights,” Nina Simone, Prince, “Ignition (Remix)”, the National, etc. into the collective soundtrack.) As far as the live music, Effi Briest just released their full-length debut, but the Brooklyn sextet also finds ways of making me think fondly about other times, places. Their dark psychedelia’s dense — they put the doubled drums/percussion and guitars to good use on “Rhizomes,” “Long Shadow,” and various windswept post-Kraut lockdowns. (Ditto Kelsey Barrett’s soaring, yelping, howling vocals and Elizabeth Hart’s show-stealing basslines.) Woodsist house-band Woods picked up on Effi’s expansive treads, stitching together songs from the excellently immediate At Echo Lake and its predecessor Songs Of Shame with long jams, ambient stretches/excursions, proving themselves as the premiere lo-fi jam band (yes) while bringing back fond memories of half the group’s time spent in the Vanishing Voice. Some woman to the right of me was doing a Grateful Dead dance without irony during a stretched-out “I Was Gone.” Thanks. We have Woods’ setlist, so you can see how the puzzle fit together. We also have great photos from Ryan Muir and an excellent Sam Carroll/8 Feet Tall-directed video of Woods doing “Blood Dries Darker,” all so you can pretend you were there.

“Blood Dries Darker”
“To Clean” > “Get Back”
“Bend Beyond”
“Rain On”
“Suffering Season”
“Down This Road”
“The Hold”
“Twisted Tongue”
“I Was Gone”