New Jay-Z (Featuring Santogold) – “Brooklyn (Go Hard)”

That B.I.G. biopic Notorious will have an OST likely dominated by Biggie Smalls cuts, especially since his estate is so creepily enamored with the project, but here’s at least one track for the collection from some of Brooklyn’s other residents. The Jay-Z fight song, titled “Brooklyn (We Go Hard)” (or less the “We” depending on which corner of Google you ask) gets its title from the intro line to Santogold’s “Shove It,” which is sampled here and surrounded by some cavernous and dramatic, “Jesus Walks”-style Kanye production. Jigga starts the fight song with taunts to “test my Stuy” in a Carribean patois, big ups Bigs throughout, and BK-transplant (and recent Kanye tourmate) Santi adds chants to the hook, represents Bed-Stuy in the last verse. Listen up:

Notorious will see release 1/16 via Fox Searchlight.