No Age Get Beat Up In Lisbon

No Age are in Lisbon on their way to the Primavera Sound festival in Spain. Unfortunately Dean Spunt will be nursing injuries when they get there. He, along with some of the band’s friends (Randy Randall stayed in for the night) were jumped by bouncers at a Lisbon club that said they didn’t want “English” inside its doors. On the band’s blog:

I decided to stay in, but Dean, Scotty and Will wanted to hit the town. I fell asleep and was woke up when they all came back. they tried to get into some club and the bouncers jumped them. Out of nowhere these dudes were all getting punched in the face, Will got strangled!!! What the Fuck!?!?!?!? I didn’t get any pictures of them when they first walked in, cuz I was just waking up, but this is what they looked like after they washed their faces off.

Following that are pictures of Spunt and his friends, each picture looking worse. Though Spunt looks okay, he was the first punched and, says Randall, he had blood coming down his face when he initially arrived back. Their friends came away with much worse. Read about where not to go on your next vacation in Portugal here.

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