MGMT Bring Thanksgiving To Paris

Always up for making a/the scene, MGMT fully indulged their Thanksgiving performance of Oracular’s spectacular “Kids” with some seasonal showmanship in this clip from French variety show Le Grand Journal. While I’m sure Parisians find ways to give thanks on a daily basis, they don’t have a Thanksgiving Day with America’s associated lore per se. So welcome our voweless cultural ambassadors, teaching the French about that first cold, hard winter and the generosity of a doomed native civilization by dressing as hipster pilgrims with a table of feasters in front, a Segway rider in back, and flanked by a swath of sexy, pug-toting Native Americans on one side with an artist capturing all the elements of the supper on the other. History is the best.

Fun. But what guys, no meta cornucopia?

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