New Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Video – “Everything With You”

Onetime BTW the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart are about to release their self-titled full-length debut on Slumberland. It’s the perfect place for their jangly, noisy late ’80s/early ’90s-style indie pop. Yes, they like the Pastels, Black Tambourine, etc. For the Art Boonparn-directed clip for “Everything With You,” which shows up on the album and as a 7″, the New York quartet’s represented by keyboardist/vocalist Peggy and her best friend, who have pillow fights, share gum (and sodas), and otherwise wander a gray-day city.

I guess it could also be read as more than friendship, but everyone knows couples don’t go shopping together that much. Here it is without the walks on the beach:

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart – “Everything With You” (MP3)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is out 2/3 via Slumberland.