The Unveiling Of Modest Marr

People all over envy NYC around this time of year, and that’s understandable, but y’all in the LA area have a treat of your own, ’cause the Johnny Marr-ified Modest Mouse kicked off a mini-tour at Avalon the other night. Rolling Stone was on hand to say that the band still needed practice, but was gonna be a force with Johnny:

But it quickly became evident that the band’s six members were still working out the kinks on the new stuff from their forthcoming album, We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank. One such track, the mid-tempo “Fire It Up,” in which Marr and Brock trade off vocals, sounded unintentionally sloppy. But they got it together in time for “Float On,” which came around mid-set and, thanks to Marr’s contribution, never sounded better.

“Never sounded better”! Did any of you go? We’re super jealous. How excited are you guys for the record? Or should we just start the backlash right now? Gotta admit, we’re psyched to hear the sound of Marr’s guitar with Brock’s vox; that being fun to write is just gravy.

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