New M.I.A. (Clothing Advertisement Dressed As A) Video – “Shells”

Continuing being totally retired, Maya’s got a new video today. The first title card to splash across the screen credits “Film & Clothes” to M.I.A. — which means it’s essentially a spot for her seizure-baiting fashion line. But she remains of full belly, which means you won’t see her wearing any of it. In fact you won’t see her at all (she’s retired, remember). Instead the vid incorporates the stills and models you’ll recognize from that time you were shopping for $75 tees, set to the sped up version of “Shells,” a track that first appeared on her October-released EP How Many Votes Fix Mix, later bundled into the Kala deluxe edition. Imagine what it would be like if she was actually working these days.

Say whatever you want about the prices on those clothes, but Maya knows her cheese so she’s alright with me. Also don’t forget to check out “O Saya,” which comes from the Gummy-worthy film Slumdog Millionaire.

“Shells” is available on Maya’s How Many Votes Fix Mix EP (avail on iTunes), or as a bonus track to the deluxe Kala edition, both via XL/Interscope.

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