My Little Brother Just Discovered Marv The Marsh

Too much amalgam gives us a headache. But now that the Clash’s Mick Jones tells us “grindie” was so six months ago, we’ll mention it before “Bones” gets an Akira The Don makeover.

BLENDER: So, what are you listening to now of the newer bands?
MICK JONES: Well, I like The Streets. Have you heard Lily Allen? She’s good. I like things like that. I like certain new stuff. The Killers, this new record, I started liking. I wasn’t sure about the last one, but this one I kind of like. They’re all right those guys. There’s loads of bands in England ? the Paddingtons, the Holloways, the Kooks. Just so many groups. There’s a lot of groups that have come out of that since the Libertines, post-Libertines type. In England ? and London especially ? we have some new subgenre every couple of weeks. It’s new wave this week, and it was emo last week ? or ‘grindie’ a couple of weeks before that, which is a mixture of grime, which is like kind of heavy, dire music, and indie, so it’s called ‘grindie.’ It’s an amalgam.

NME says Marvin The Martian’s remix of Art Brut’s “Emily Kane” was the first ever grindie track. You can hear it on his mixtape:

Marvin The Martian – “Mixtape” (MP3)

Jack Nimble Scratch Intro
Latchmere Feat. Macabees
Little Light Feat. Kate Bush
Landed Feat. Les Georges Lenningrad
Reymell Feat. Audrey II (Little Shop Of Horrors)
Stay Off The Kane Feat. Art Brut
Oobie Doo Feat. Nicholas Cage singing Love Me Tender
I Don’t Go (Alone) Feat. GoodBooks
Music Man Feat. M.Craft
I Hate My Job (Demo)
That’s Me Feat. CAN
Around The Way
Go That Far
Guns Of Brixton Feat. Nouvelle Vague

Sampling an animatronic Venus Fly Trap? We can’t hate on that.

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