New The Boy Least Likely To Video – “The First Snowflake”

It’s been two years since Pete and Jof hosted The Best Party Ever, and since we’ve been given just scraps and bits from their forthcoming, yet untitled record. Why the long delay since “Be Gentle With Me” struck licensing gold? It’s the label economy, stupid. More specifically, their label died. As they told Jessica in the Boy Least Likely To’s Progress Report: “It was frustrating. We were stuck signed to a label that wasn’t a label anymore. We might as well have been signed to a flower shop.” The first sign of the end of this big freeze comes, ironically, in the single “The First Snowflake,” a song about chasing down a big freeze. The video has the home-recorded indie duo walking sandy beaches in Scotland, drawing lines in sand and hitchhiking, singing seasonally and sentimentally, and eventually finding that thing that shouldn’t be elusive in Scotland when you think about it.

Nice work guys. “The First Snowflake” is out 12/15 on Too Young to Die, and the new TBLLT record is due in March on Too Young to Die in the UK and +1 in the U.S.