Carl Newman’s 10 Steps to Making Maple Syrup

Carl Newman lives in Woodstock, N.Y., but it really feels like a call back to his Canadian roots when he shows the New York Times how he harvests and preps maple syrup on his property. As the article says, he and his wife Christy tapped seven trees on their property, which gave them 2-3 gallons of raw syrup, which boiled down to 10 eight-ounce bottles. Their instructions include daily, or even twice-daily bucket checks, and four hours spent boiling down the syrup on an open flame, so all of this sounds like way too much work. Newman can’t even name the finished product after himself (“Newman’s Own has already been taken”). But it sounds like a fun hobby, as is the next one he says he’ll be tackling, amateur beekeeping. Read about his rock and roll lifestyle at the New York Times.