New Acorn Video – “Crooked Legs”

We first loved the Acorn’s “Crooked Legs” in September 2007, and this video just goes to show it’s never too late to make a video for a song that we first loved in September 2007. The Canadians enlisted Christopher Mills to direct and animate because he did such a good job on The Flood (Pt. 1).” And guess what he does a great job here. We’re guided by fireflies (with compact fluorescent lightbulbs for abdominal bioluminscence) through starry, fantastical scenes, set to the Acorn’s polyrhythmic march, finally coming upon the band rendered through a skewed and sepia lens. “The fireflies fade as the city lights find me.”

The Acorn – “Crooked Legs” (MP3)

Glory Hope Mountain is out via Paper Bag.

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