Foals – “Miami” Video

True to their name, Oxford five-piece Foals are still young — frontman Yannis Philippakis is just 23 — so growth is is to be expected, in one way or another. But they’ve shifted up quite a bit from their debut days; gone is Antidotes’ producer Dave Sitek (Luke Smith gets tapped for the recently released followup Total Life Forever), and with him the more dense and wound-up rhythms. On “Miami,” you hear a more swaying groove that’s certainly less anxious than their last pass, and with its video you see far less an oil-slicked political statement than with their last album’s clip “Olympic Airways” (though their British statement on petroleum would be even more timely now). There are prison-yard buffed bods, wire fences and a fight scene that’s resolved by the arrival of a hydraulic-powered Chevy. And lots of blue powder being blown around? The video stars famed transexuals Calpernia Addams and Glamourous Monique, and is very weird.

True Life Forever is out in the States via Sub Pop.

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