New Modest Mouse – “We’ve Got Everything” (Live @ Wiltern, LA 11/6/06)

Finally, some decent audio of new Modest Marr! The quality ain’t perfect, but it’s good enough to get us excited. With its melodic, clean riffs “We’ve Got Everything” could easily be a great Smiths song — and then it gets all Mousey. They’re probably still working out arrangements, and it’s bound to sound even better on record, but we’re liking what we hear! Kudos to all for trying something new. Moz had his shot; Brock is like an Anti-Moz. And it’s working.

Modest Mouse – “We’ve Got Everything” (Live @ Wiltern 11/6/06) (MP3)

01. Ocean Breathes Salty
02. Black Cadillacs
03. Paper Thin Walls
04. Fire It Up*
05. We’ve Got Everything
06. The View
07. Float On
08. Bukowski
09. Missed The Boat*
10. The World At Large
11. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
12. People We Know*
13. Dashboard*
14. Bury Me With It
15. Invisible In Your Car
16. Dramamine

(* tunes that will probably appear on We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank)

Download the entire set from Wiltern at Netzoo (via RS) and tune into “The World At Large” at 1:10 for this tasty trade-off:

DUDE #1: It’s not even good weed.
DUDE #2: What’s tha?

Are you sure, Dude? You sound pretty high during “Paper Thin Walls.”

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