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Band To Watch: Vehicle Blues

Vehicle Blues is Chicago songwriter Gabe Holcombe. He runs his own Lillerne Tape Club, and has put out limited-edition VB releases here/there, but the forthcoming 4-song EP Changer is his first “professionally manufactured” recording. It’s also the first “pro-CD” for the label Bridgetown (Cloud Nothings, etc.). We’re told the new songs are “documenting the lonely move from Kansas to Chicago in Winter of 2008.” They definitely sound thoughtful in a misty-eyed way. And like a slushy winter in the Midwest. There’s a photo of Holcombe at MySpace wearing a telling Swirlies shirt — You get that whispered shoegaze fuzz in his understated (but quietly in-the-red) pop gems (“Winter Lamborghini”) as well as the icy ambient pieces that are somehow just as catchy (“Subway Riders”). Take a listen to the new EP’s title track to see what we mean. He’s figured out how to make his bedroom big and below-the-blankets insulated at the same time.

Vehicle Blues – “Changer”

Changer is just out via Bridgetown. Hear aforementioned Changer tune “Winter Lamborghini” at MySpace. (Ditto non-EP track “Subway Riders.”) Here’s the title track from the earlier Punks On Transit CD-r.

Vehicle Blue – “Punks On Transit”

Notice a theme?

You can catch Vehicle Blues live today and tomorrow if you live in or around Omaha or Lawrence. He’s doing both shows with the Rooftop Vigilantes-associated Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk.

05/28 – Omaha, Nebraska @ TBA #
05/29 – Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge %

# w/ Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, the Pharmacy, and Yuppies.
% w/ Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk and the Pharmacy