Bigmouths Strike Again: Dual Edition

Two-parter! First up, this comes from a person speaking ongstage about a past musical project:

I do not want to be in a bullshit pop band with some bullshit pop songs while you drive your fucking bullshit car and sing along to it like a 14-year-old girl … and if you are 14 years old here, thank you for coming.

And the next comes from a person explaining a penchant for sunglasses:

If anybody looks into my eyes, they see there’s just a fuckin’ child in there. You see my eyes, you know what I’m thinking. If I’m mad, you’re going to be able to tell. If I’m sad, (there’s) no way I can hide it.

Looking into my eyes, you can touch my soul.

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Mr. Fuck Pop Songs And 14-Year-Old Girls

Here’s proof.

Mr. Windows To The Soul