For The LOSTaholics

You know you’re out there. Last night’s cliffhanging episode kicked off with a flashback of Monica (aka Kate) in a hotel room listening to the sweet coo of Ann-Margret’s “Slowly,” which in the LOST universe means … we can blog about it! Ann-Margret’s not exactly burning up the charts, so tracking down an MP3 has proven difficult, but if you want to reminisce about the Kate-heavy ep for the next few months, buy “Slowly” here (iTunes).

So, we know that every week there’s a vocal band of viewers that say “no more!” and jump ship, frustrated by the endless riddles, the incessant flashbacks, the occasional additions of until-now-invisible-yet-entirely-hot Oceanic passengers. But they’ve still got us hooked!

If you don’t want spoilers, don’t continue reading.

What balls on Jack! Who saw that snip of the kidney coming? Rather awesome. And Kate + Sawyer = awesome footage of hot and horny Kate. So Dr. Jack bought Kate an hour headstart to run, but if they’re on a different island, she’s screwed! Or ARE they on a different island? Oh, those devious Others and their shenanigans.

What’s gonna come of Locke’s gleaning onto the “Lift up your eyes and look to the north” inscription on Mr. Eko’s stick? It’s from the book of John, by the way, so you know Eko meant it for him. Either way, Locke’s got his destiny-fueled swerve back. Are we ever gonna find out what the deal is with the rock chopping and lugging? And umm … how the fuck are we supposed to wait ’til February? Feel free to shed light on any count.