Sebastian Bach In Defense Of Axl W. Rose

Guns N’ Roses are swinging through NYC tonight, playing a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden, and we’ve been both shocked and psyched that Axl’s been able to hold it together and actually turn up at his gigs. But then, there’s that small matter of the “band” cancelling their 11/6 show in Portland, Maine. Just like old times! No riots ensued, which of course is good news, but someone’s got some ‘splaining to do. So who better fit to be an apologist than tour opener and Rose-sycophant Sebastian Bach? He’s bound to be colorful. Well as luck would have it, Blabbermouth transcribed Bach’s interview with a Connecticut radio station on 11/7.

Basically what happened is that GUNS N’ ROSES has a huge pyro show ? anybody that’s seen the concert knows that to be the case. And when the fire marshall showed up, they were not into it ? they were like, “This is too much.” Also, they have these laws up there in Maine now where they literally told GUNS N’ ROSES and PAPA ROACH and us, they said any fans caught in the building smoking a cigarette will be immediately arrested, any bandmember on stage with a beer in his hand will be escorted out of the venue and taken into jail. And it’s like, “Dude, it’s a rock concert. It’s a ROCK show.” Basically, it felt like they didn’t want the thing to go down. And I read on Blabbermouth where it said 3,000 tickets were sold for the show, which was a 5,500 seater. And I’m like, dude, it’s Portland, Maine. After 15 years, the guy’s [Axl] never played there ? that’s not unexpected, like, to come back into town? I think that there’s a real peculiar thing about human nature where people really appreciate people only after they’re dead. It’s like Dimebag Darrell ? we all agree that he’s the most legendary guitar player ever, right?

A friend of mine. Nobody really mentions the fact that when he was playing the night he died, there was probably 150 people in front of him. He was at the Alrosa Villa, which is a complete dump. And then he died, and now it’s like, “Dimebag’s my hero. Oh, my God? He was more important to me than anything. I’m the ultimate?” It’s like, “Where were you when DAMAGEPLAN was touring?” So here Axl’s like, “Oh, you only sold 3,000 tickets.” That’s after 15 years. We’ve got a sold-out Madison Square Garden the day after tomorrow. So, for me, it’s like? Dimebag used to say, “Those are the highs and lows of rock and roll.” So, for me, if GUNS can’t do their whole show? It’s like KISS wouldn’t show up without doing their whole show. If you’re coming into a venue with a concert and a production, then you wanna give the full show. But it wasn’t for tickets, because that [3,000 people in a 5,500 seater] would have looked pretty good, actually.

Dude, ROCK show or not, he’s totally right about one thing, and that truism comes in two words: Dimebag Darrell. Respect.