Might We Suggest An Ironic “My Iron Lung” Cover

Looks like the Bloc Party Fanclub’s three-point plea for the Panic!/Party tour won’t even need to be read by those in NC, VA, or NYC, ’cause Kele & Co. are pulling out of those upcoming gigs. From the band’s website:

Bloc Party have been forced to cancel a number of shows on their current US tour with Panic! At The Disco after drummer Matt Tong was admitted to hospital in Atlanta with a collapsed lung after last night’s performance.

Doctors at the hospital in Atlanta say Matt is in a comfortable condition and not in any danger, he will however be staying in hospital for at least the next three days for observation and it’s not clear at this stage when Matt will be fit to resume performing.

The band will definitely not be playing at the Charlotte, NC (Cricket Arena), Fairfax, VA (Patriot Center) and both New York Madison Square Garden shows in the coming week.

Urine luck, Urie! The Blocheads must’ve taken sympathy on your soul. Matt Tong with a collapsed lung? Have you seen him play? He’s an animal! That’s like Meatloaf with a collapsed appetite! Well get well soon, Matt — but for the sake of Panic!, not too soon.