The Blow

We took in as many acts as humanly possible during last week’s CMJ marathon and still managed to miss The Blow, who bowled over our friends in blogging with their minimalistic, urban electro-glitches and sing-song melodies. We’ve been listening to Paper Television ever since and now are wishing we saw ‘em (frowny emoticon). The duo comprises Khaela Maricich and Jona Bechtolt, the former providing vox (and being a performance artist), with Jona cooking up the backing sounds.

They’re sorta theatrical and love makeup masks (as you’d expect from a performance artist), but their CMJ shows were just The Blow and their songs. Check the tunes. (Also, if anyone can tell us what song(s) that girl-group bassline on “Parentheses” is pulling from we’d be much obliged. We can’t place it and it’s driving us nuts!)

The Blow – “Pile Of Gold” (MP3)
The Blow – “Parentheses” (MP3)

Told you they loved makeup! Whaddaya think? If you’re digging it, check some vid of The Blow’s “True Affection” courtesy of Fader, who has also put up videos from Lo-Fi-FNK, Malajube, Shout Out Out Out Out, and 120 Days. It’s a great little refresher course in the marathon’s most buzzed-about acts.

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