Lily Chanel-len

Let it be known: Karl Lagerfeld is into indie chicks! And he’s so over Lindsay Blohan. We saw Karl’s CD compilation tracklist feature The Pipettes, and we know he’s hot for Chan, but this move seals it. The UK chart-topping princess of MySpace, Ms. Lily Allen, has been identified and secured as the inspiration for Chanel’s ’07 fashion line. The Guardian quotes a “fashion source”:

Lily burst on to the scene as the Queen of Chav with her trainers and huge gold earrings. So it’s hilarious she has been asked to work with Chanel. Nothing has been set in stone but Karl believes she has come up with a look that will define 2007.

Well, the thought of a parade of Lilys strutting down Parisian runways is mildly amusing. So is this gonna make you indie girls buy more Chanel? We’re just glad to have an excuse to post that picture again. (wink)

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