Mountain Goats Play Dinner With The Band, Eat Death Metal Steaks

Clearly aware of John Darnielle’s extreme metal tooth, Dinner With The Band host Sam Mason made the Mountain Goats a vegetarian meal featuring Death Metal Steaks (cauliflower steaks), Cotton Puree (cauliflower puree), Sunset Fries (chickpea fries), and Moon Over Sazerac cocktails. (Too bad there weren’t Abscess-themed treats.) In the meantime, the guys — Darnielle, Peter Hughes, and Jon Wurster — sang sad songs for their supper. We have video of them doing The Life Of The World To Come’s “1 Samuel 15:23,” We Shall All Be Healed’s “Cotton,” and The Sunset Tree’s “Love Love Love.”

“Isaiah 45:23″

“Love Love Love”


There’s more info on the episode at They also did “Psalms 40:2.”