Ferraby Lionheart – “Harry and Bess” (Stereogum Premiere)

More than a year ago we brought you “Dear Corinne” and mentioned a new album out that summer. A year went by. But now there’s more solid plans for Jack Of Hearts, BTW Ferraby Lionheart’s third album. It sounds like a drawn out writing and recording precess though. We mentioned that he went to nurse a broken heart and write some songs in Sweden, but according to Lionheart, he returned empty-handed. He spent a bit of time in L.A., and Nashville also recording, swimming, and “always waiting for an idea.” Looks like it’s easier to find inspiration from without, as it goes with the first official single from Jack Of Hearts: “I found the idea for the first single, ‘Harry and Bess,’ after staring at a Harry Houdini poster in a mixing session for a few days. The story encapsulates the heartbreaking romance between Houdini and his wife, Bess,” Lionheart explains. In particular, it focuses on one Houdini legend, that his wife once passed him a key to a pair of inescapable handcuffs via a kiss on stage. “Harry and Bess”‘s lyrics stick close to the story, but make a nice metaphor for love setting you free.

Ferraby Lionheart – “Harry And Bess” (MP3)

The Jack Of Hearts is out 8/3 via Thirty Tigers/Lights & Buttons.