Band To Watch: Restless People

Band To Watch: Restless People

When we posted Tanlines’ Memory Tapes remix, there was mention of the tropical duo’s history as members of (respectively) math gods Don Caballero/nautical trio Storm & Stress and dubbed-out NYC dance-punks Professor Murder. Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm have gone and formed another larger group, Brooklyn quartet Restless People. Their brief bio mentions RP is for fans of General Public, DJ Cleo, Phil Collins, Maximum Joy, Gorilla Biscuits, Operation Ivy, and Nelly Furtado. At first you’re not going to come back with too much NYC straightedge or California ska-punk, though you’ll at least believe they know who it is they’re referencing, which is worth something. After a few listens, though, you do also get a deeper old-school attitude: The positive/keep it real Schreifels/Civ thing rings through on tracks like “Don’t Back Down,” “Days Of Our Lives,” etc. You’ll also start to hear Maximum Joy, especially in “Practical Magic” (which, come to think of it, has a slight Armstrong vocal lilt in parts). Closer “Victimless Crime” evokes a few (electro) youth crews in its chanted vocals. All of this involves careful listening, some filtering, and a few leaps: It’s easier referencing the shiny pop of General Public, Collins, Furtado. In that vein, they could also mention sunny, globally minded dance-pop groups like Lemonade and Delorean, zeitgeist-nailers making a lot of people sweat in 2010. See, for instance “Days Of Our Lives,” the opening track on the band’s self-titled debut.

Restless People – “Days Of Our Lives”

In case you need more:

When [Restless People] get together they talk about the internet, jeans, shoes, car repair, jobs, barber shops, positivity, sports, seltzer, appropriation, beer, relationships, style, pretzels and reality. They talk about music using adjectives like punk, pop, adult contemporary, global, dance and emotional. They argue with each other and tell lots of jokes.

Restless People is out 9/14 via Iamsound. They’re playing 6/5 at Glasslands with Delorean.

[Photo by James Ryang]

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