“Bobby McFerrin Raped My Grandmother”

If you didn’t Tivo last night’s Saturday Night Live, you actually missed 45 minutes of very entertaining late-night TV! 60 minutes if you’re a Christina Aguilera fan!

Host Alec Baldwin was joined by 30 Rock co-stars Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan for the monologue. Steve Martin (who has hosted 14 times, one more than Baldwin) made the obligatory cameo, in a sketch that also had Martin Short and Paul McCartney (like old times). Baldwin, as Tony Bennett, interviewed impersonator Phony Bennett (played by Tony Bennett). Andy Samberg did K-Fed. And, hilariously, Amy Poehler was Britney Spears talking with her divorce attorney.

Give it a few days and everything will be up on YouTube. Then NBC will immediately have YouTube take it all down. In the meantime, that must-see Britney sketch is on NBC.com.

Watch it here.

“Kevin said he was way ups into shorty tigers, yo!”

We’re hoping the title of this post, from another sketch, will make its way onto some t-shirts.