Kristen Stewart To Play Joan Jett

When first we made the casting call for The Runaways biopic, your suggestions were all great: Kristen Bell, Kirsten Dunst, Don Cheadle, etc. Nobody realized our commenters are all casting directors. But that was a year and a half ago, before teen vampire flick Twilight raked in $120MM and made Kristen Stewart the sulking star that she is today. The resemblance is remarkable, right down to the way they clutch their hips in contempt of your adoration:

Uncanny. This is the first big casting announce, which means we’re waiting on a Lita, a Cherie, a Sandy, and a Jackie. Joan approves, probably, since she’s on board as executive producer. (She looks this these days.) Hollywood Reporter says “The movie is eyeing a 2009 start and will work around Stewart’s commitments to the two Twilight sequels.” So, that’s happening.

[Kristen pic via Getty, Jett shot via revengeofthe80sradio]