Bob Mould, Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl Celebrate 9:30 Club’s 30th

On Monday/Memorial Day the 9:30 Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary. For kids who grew up listening to and mythologizing D.C. hardcore, punk, and the like, the place needs no introduction. In case it does, host Henry Rollins did a good job offering background and various old-time Black Flag-related anecdotes. (Of course, old pal/pet store coworker Ian MacKaye gets a lot of deserved mentions.) Outside Rollins and his anecdotes, there were performances by Ted Leo, the Fleshtones, Clutch, the Psychedelic Furs, Bob Mould, and the Evens (fronted by MacKaye). People seemed to be especially excited about Dave Grohl reuniting with his teenage band Scream (I would’ve held out for Rites Of Spring). We have video of Rollins introducing Bob Mould, Ted Leo being Ted Leo, and Dave Grohl/Scream covering Bad Brains.

There are more tales and videos at Washington City Paper.