New Jay-Z (Featuring Chris Martin) – “Beach Chair”

Jigga’s Kingdom Come was just one of a few notable leaks this weekend, and it marks the end of the least-retired retirement in human history. Self-lauding is nothing new to the rap game, but in the case of Jay-Z, you can’t even argue, whether he’s talking skills, net worth, or reach; dude transcends the game. He’s on track to be hip-hop’s first billionaire, with some eyebrow raising moves to court the NASCAR crowd (buddying up with Dale Earnhardt, Jr.), as well as those who enjoy the champagne of beer: Budweiser Select (to the extent they’re distinct subsets of society). In fact, he’s gonna be co-brand director of said beverage. If you don’t know you should aks about him.

But it’s not just the blue collar crew’s money Sean Carter wants — he’s after the Star Wars fans, too! What better way than to enlist Mr. Paltrow to produce and lend his golden, multi-tracked falsetto to Kingdom Come’s album closer. For the sake of bandwith, here’s a SendSpace:

Jay-Z (Featuring Chris Martin) – “Beach Chair” (MP3) (SendSpace)

It’s the most earnest track on the record (hence the Coldplay), but the record is a sampling of all of dude’s moods …

“The Prelude” is a master class in lazy flow, “Oh My God” is the battle cry thesis, “Show Me What You Got” is a beer commercial jingle, etc. And he ain’t doing it alone! For a peek at the guests, guests, and more guests, check the tracklist:

01. “The Prelude” (Produced by B-Money)
02. “Oh My God” (Produced by Just Blaze)
03. “Kingdom Come” (Produced by Just Blaze)
04. “Show Me What You Got” (Produced By Just Blaze)
05. “Lost Ones” (Featuring Chrissette Michelle/Produced by Dr. Dre)
06. “Do U Wanna Ride” (Feat. John Legend/Produced by Kanye West)
07. “30 Something” (Produced Dr. Dre)
08. “I Made It” (Produced by DJ Khalil)
09. “Hollywood” (Featuring Beyoncé/Produced by Scyience)
10. “Trouble” (Produced by Dr. Dre)
11. “Dig A Holw” (Featuring Sterling Simms/Produced by Scyience)
12. “Minority Report” (Featuring Ne-Yo/Produced by Dr. Dre)
13. “Beach Chair” (Featuring Chris Paltrow/Produced by Chris Paltrow)

Kingdom Come is out 11/21 on Roc-A-Fella.