Chan And Armisen Do Drinks In SoHo

Pitchfork recently reunited two old friends (SNL cast member Fred Armisen and SNL hopeful Chan Marshall) for a conversation about the NBA, about LA, and all with a little PDA (that is, the verbal, non-physical, “I love what you do” type). And Chan has a leg up on getting into the SNL studios; she’s already in their offices!

Brandon (Pitchfork): When you learned you were going to do an interview, what first popped into your head, what were you curious about?

Fred: Well, I don’t want to gush too much, because I’m a huge Chan Marshall fan.

Cat Power: You are?

Fred: Are you kidding me? From a long time ago! But I have to say though, isn’t everybody? Like, don’t you find that– I feel like everybody I know, everyone in my world, it’s a given, there’s never any discussion.

Cat Power: Really? Oh my god!

Fred: Going back to Chicago– and also you’re very popular in the “SNL” offices. “He War” was played all the time.

Cat Power: I hate that song.

Fred: Don’t hate that song.

See? Downright romantic. The conversation is worth checking out, if only ’cause of the pair’s rapport and the ridiculous parade of celebs that cruise through the lobby as they speak (leading Armisen to declare: “I just want to say for the record that Chan Marshall remembers names really well” — and yet she never remembers us when we stalk her around the city). And a little known fact: Chan’s a hemo-phibian!