The Prodigal Son Gets Bitch Smacked

Sean Lennon may have been #10 on the list of disappointing rock royalty children, but he’s #1 in many of your hearts — and the Evening Standard wholeheartedly concurs. They minced no words in review of Sean’s gig at London’s St. James on 11/9:

He, more than anyone, will never be the Beatles. And if he sounds a little like his father (he would, wouldn’t he?) on most of his songs, it merely serves as a reminder that he’ll never be John either.

Last night’s show might have taken place in the more sanctified surroundings of a church, but it’s a small venue and the ecclesiastical acoustics did Lennon’s delicate pop no favours. Nor did his attire. Imagine Little Lord Fauntleroy’s gone-to-seed cousin: shirt and tie, top hat, scarf dangling rakishly around his neck, hobo’s beard and huge tinted glasses.

So they definitely did NOT dig his music or his fashion sense. And to all this, the Standard adds, ” … his bat is broken before he reaches the wicket.” Which we’re pretty sure is an “Oh, SNAP” insult in the UK. So we gotta ask: Have you seen him live? Is he really that bad? Or is his worst decision to perform under that last name? Take heed, Sean Preston.