This Is Not The Greatest Vid In The World … This Is Just A Tribute

Bet you thought we’d never post about LonelyGirl15 again. We did, too! But then we got wind of a tribute song/music video filmed in an exact replica of the YouTube star’s bedroom, and we got nostalgic for Jessica Lee Rose and her pink boa dance. (Just for a sec — promise!) The creators tell us they’ve received approving emails from LG15’s creators and Jessica herself. Anyway, good effort Dee. You’re just two months too late.

Raise your hands if you haven’t watched LG15 since she was exposed. Well, don’t actually raise your hands — we can’t see you. But let us know if, like us, you gave up on the whole saga, but are sorta curious how it panned out. Was she a Satan worshipper after all? Either way, this video wins on pink boa inclusion alone.