Acoustic Cardigans – “Don’t Blame Your Daughter” (Diamonds)

We didn’t dress up this Halloween, we didn’t hit the parade, and seeing as it was the first night of CMJ, we didn’t hit nearly as many shows as we wanted to — but The Cardigans spellbinding set at the Knit managed the make the night so fanfuckingtastic it just didn’t matter. Along with “I Need Some Fine Wine …” (which you can watch here), the night’s big winner in acoustic translation was “Don’t Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds),” and thanks to Fair Game, you can hear Nina and Peter do a comparably stunning take on their recent visit to the web show.

The Cardigans – “Don’t Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds)” (Acoustic) (MP3)

Head over for an entire Cardigans acoustic set, as well as some “hard-hitting analysis” on pop culture happenings, courtesy of Greg Fitzsimmons. You know him, right? If not, watch him roast the Howard Stern crew, worth it if only for this crack: “I’ve seen crack whores make better career choices that Jackie Martling.” Burrrn, Joke Man. (Very NSFW!)