Not So Friendly Fire

So the British press may unfairly razz Sean Lennon ’cause of his regal surname, but Yoko’s boy does himself no favors with press like this conversation with the SF Chronicle. It’s an interview to promote his album! Sure, journalists can ask some retarded questions, but these were hardly offensive. Were they? (Thanks, Tugboat!)

Q: How do you get along with your brother, Julian? You seem to take swipes at each other in the press.

A: When did I do that? I don’t think I’ve ever said anything that was a swipe at him. If you can give me an example, I’ll answer to it. But I don’t think you have one.

Q: You recently said that you were glad you never took the cheesy pop route with your name.

A: That has nothing to do with him. He taught me to play guitar. I used to, like, worship him. Trust me: When his record was No. 1 I was, like, 14, and he was a god to me. He’s one of the reasons I started playing music.

Q: Do you ever call him for career advice? Do you call anyone for advice?

A: Do I ever call anyone for advice? That’s a really stupid question, dude.

Q: It is?

A: Well, I mean, “Do you ever call anyone for advice?” It’s so vague. Have you ever called anyone for advice? Yes, sure. I mean, what are you trying to say? Do I call celebrities that might be interesting for me to give you an anecdote about?

Q: That’s what people want to read.

A: You’re so transparent, dude. Get over it. Why don’t you just say, “Do you ever call celebrities?” You didn’t say that because that sounded too stupid. You had to say it in this sort of backhanded way.

Q: Wait, let me rephrase it: “Do you ever call celebrities?”

A: It’s just such a dumb question I can’t even dignify it with an answer, dude.

Yes, it is the question that’s to blame here. That’s one heavy chip on your shoulder, dude.

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