C. Love Show And Tell

Get ready for a Love assault! Even though she should have enough dough to carry her through thanks to the likes of CSI, Courtney has felt it necessary to bolster her assets by baring them for Brit fashion mag Pop. A shrewd move for publicity if say, someone had something to sell. Oh, what … she has a book coming out? Ya don’t say? Talk about serendipity.

Dirty Blonde: The Diaries Of Courtney Love is self-explanatory in theme and nature — and yes, “Diaries” means that it’s a lot of Courtney’s rambling, hand-penned thoughts. Here’s a choice quote, lovingly transcribed from Courtney’s chicken scratch by the folks at Gawker, preserving all the sics and haphazard Caps for your unfettered reading pleasure:

Dear The Right Guy at 4AD,

This is our band Hole. We have 3 guitars. Jill ar bass plater played in Sylvia Juncos and Superheroines me, I started Babes in Toyland with my friend Kat and even used to be the singer in Faith No More which is a Fairly cheesy thing to go around boasting About but i really will do just about anything for us to get a Good Old Fashioned color seperation LP on a Nice Firm label like yourself’s wich includes (apparently) boasting about cheesy things.

Maybe you’ll really like our single all on its own and you’ll say “All Right You Girls Go make a Record’ and you wont hold it Against me that I used our Ex bands to get a leg up. or down, actually in the case of the one ex band, but im only telling you this to get ahead.

all right man

C Love-Hole
& all Holes

You just can’t argue with that. Not her moving, persuasive rhetoric, and not her decision to include that note for our enjoyment. Bless her heart.