Where Did You Go, Verve Pipe?

If you find yourself in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area during the first week of December, you can spend some time and dollars for a good cause and attend the One More Day For Kids concert and book signing to benefit DeVos Children’s Hospital. Not only can you have your well-worn copy of Tuesdays With Morrie scribbled on by author Mitch Albom, but you can take in the earnest and uplifting songs of Brian Vander Ark of The Verve Pipe! Remember them? Well One More Day For Kids does, and so do we! Apparently lead Verve Piper Brian Vander Ark hasn’t given up on music, either. Here’s some of the new:

Brian Vander Ark – “Survival” (MP3)
Brian Vander Ark – “The Heart That Keeps You” (MP3)

Okay, “The Heart That Keeps You” is laugh out loud bad, we’ll admit. But “Survival” is optimistic and cute, right? Fuck it, maybe not — but what about The Verve Pipe? Of course you remember “The Freshman” (and if you were a freshman in high school or college at the time, forgetaboutit), but what about this one?

The Verve Pipe- “Photograph” (MP3)

The last record these Michiganders put out was Underneath in ’01, but there’s never been a definitive “we’re broken up” statement from them. Maybe they’ll release more? Who knows. They were among the best of that modern rock push, but were swept up and away by the modern rock format, never replicated their Villains heights. Still we’d love to hear something new, Verve Pipe! Just make sure it’s nothing like “The Heart That Keeps You.”