The ‘Gum Bowl: Round One Of The Tournament

You’ve seen the video of our celebrity bowlers meeting each other, greeting each other, naming their teams, and laying down the smack talk. Now you can see how good they are at bowling when The Planet Earth is on the line. Here’s the first round of our two-round charitable celebrity bowling tournament, shot mostly on high-def camera except for the bits shot on the customary Neon Indian VHS cam. Enjoy:

The lineup for those looking for text before looking for moving image:

Match One: Team Not Seattle Team Strike Force (Marnie Stern, Jemina Pearl, The Pains Of Being Pure’s Kip Berman, Max Silvestri, and Gabe Delahaye) Vs. The Bowl: Movements. (Les Savy Fav’s Tim Harrington, Islands’ Nick Thorburn, Das Racist’s Himanshu Suri, Gabe Liedman, and Baron Vaughn).

Match Two: Team Furrari (Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo, The Blow’s Khaela Maricich, Class Actress’s Elizabeth Harper, Larry Murphy, and Kumail Nanjiani) Vs. Team Please Don’t Tell (Sondre Lerche, Doveman, Dawn Landes, Jon Glaser, and Patrick Borelli).

Thanks to Sam Carroll, Ari Issler, and the crew at 8 Ft. Tall for their work filming, producing and editing these pieces. Thanks to Harper Blynn for the use of the drumbeat (full disclosure: that beat’s by my brother, Sarab) from the song “Centrifugal Motion” off their debut LP Loneliest Generation, and for the harmonized excerpt from their remix of Kristen Wiig’s song “Champion.” Equal thanks go to Aislyn for contributing their remix of the MacGruber track, too.

Up next: Video of the championship round, and a final clip logging all the highlights of a pretty funny day. If you’re just getting caught up on The ‘Gum Bowl coverage, every last photo and clip are being logged over at Nice.

Love you, Larry Murphy.