Ryan Adams Is The Shit (He Is Also DJ Reggie And WereWolph)

Well it wouldn’t be a month in Stereogum without having an excuse to direct you over to Ryan-Adams.com, but this is a good one; right now on Cardinal Radio, Ry has posted eight albums — for you to stream, and of course, for you to debate his having posted eight albums for you to stream. We shit you not. This updates and incorporates the 36-song stream he put up a month-and-a-day ago, and now it features song titles and artist pseudonyms!

The Finger-sounding stuff is under the name “The Shit” (This Is Shit is the “album” with the Chuck Norris-introduced songs), “DJ Reggie” is MC Ryan Adams, and “WereWolph” features some seriously indulgent, barely listenable takes on Creed’s “Higher” (which itself is barely listenable, so just imagine!) and Bono & The Corrs’ “When The Stars Go Blue” (wink). Before you go nuts, just remember: He’s not charging you to listen to this stuff! He just has a serious love for the studio and hatred for self-editing. And it just wouldn’t be as much fun any other way.

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