Pavement’s “Stereo” Sells Hyundai Capital In South Korea

Say that five times fast. It’s all true: There’s this strange clip featuring “Stereo“‘s distinctive opening guitar; instead of ruminations on Geddy Lee’s speaking voice, though, we hear a Korean voice over and see images of model-esque people (and a dog) with cars, houses, and motorcycles (and a bone) floating around their heads. It’s all about desire, dreams. As the Daily Swarm points out, it’s also about strange overlaps with that last stanza from “Cut Your Hair”: “Songs mean a lot when songs are bought / And so are you / Face right down to the practice room / Attention and fame’s a career / Korea, chorea, career.” Nostradamalkmus. High-ho silver ride:

(Via The Daily Swarm)

While we’re on the subject of Brighten the Corners, don’t forget your chance to win a date with IKEA.

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