Preview Gwen’s Sweet Escape

If you’re all wound up for the contents of Gwen’s photoshopped hottness, head here for clips from each track of her forthcoming album. No, we don’t normally link to 30 second previews — but we’ll make the except for Bob Dylan and, uh, the chick from No Doubt.

Obviously thirty secs isn’t much to go on, but you can hear that Gwen’s flashing a lot of looks and — the yodelicious “Wind It Up” aside — pulling ‘em off pretty well! The title track is a breezy, girl-group throwback, followed by the more miss-than-hit West Coast street thug ballad “Orange County Girl” (she’s hard, G) — but then “Early Winter” redeems with a perfectly ’80s-starlet hook. “Yummy”‘s got a Timbaland-y beat, and there are other dirrrty shouts to the dancefloors, but “4 In The Morning” and “Fluorescent” are that good mix of booty-shaking groove and Gwen Stefani glitz. We’ll wait ’til we can hear, ya know, at least a minute of each song before saying we love it, but the clips are promising! Or maybe that’s just the coffee talking.

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