Casting Couch: Brian Wilson

Good news, Beach Boys lovers! Variety reports that a biopic is officially in the works for the troubled life and times of the great Brian Wilson. As with any musician biopic, securing the rights to the tunes is paramount — but Brian is on board. The film is gonna tackle every aspect of Wilson’s life, from his abusive father, to his genius recording sessions, to his years battling severe depression. Filmmaker David Leaf, who “who chronicled Wilson’s creation of the album Smile in his docu Beautiful Dreamer,” is involved in the project, ensuring Wilson will be comfy tackling the tough stuff. Says Variety:

As for airing the difficult parts of his life, Wilson said, “It’s tough, and when I see the movie I’ll be ill at ease at some of the bad parts. But I remember when we made Pet Sounds, and I knew we were up to something spiritual and special. I have that feeling again.”

The Pet Sounds of biopics? Watch out now. Even if not, it can’t be worse than ABC’s made-for-tv movie. So, as always, we wanna know: Who do you think should play our beloved Beach Boy? And as a bonus question: What do you think they’ll call it? God only knows they’ll resort to some lame song title usage.