Arcade Fire License A Bit Of Neon Bible To The New Brad Pitt Flick

Win and Régine almost had a song turn up in Paul Haggis’s ill-fated NBC drama The Black Donnellys, until Win and Régine found out about it. And everybody thought they were scoring Richard Kelly’s upcoming movie The Box, until Arcade Fire found out about that, too. But according to The Playlist, this is one bit of song placement that’s gonna stick. The new Cate Blanchett/Brad Pitt flick and F. Scott Fitzgerald short-story adaptation The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is being bandied about as an Oscar season sure shot: it’s the tale of a man born with the countenance of a septuagenarian, following his life as he reverse ages through time. Having thirty seconds of “My Body Is A Cage” affixed to the TV spot is what we in the biz call “smart.” Nice job, Hollywood:

Nice explosion. Cinema! I’d say what lame and impressionable sort would want to see the movie more on the back of an Arcade Fire appropriating commercial, but after watching I think that lame and impressionable sort is me? The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is out 12/25 via Paramount Pictures.