Career Crippling Albums

You guys know we like to post other people’s lists and call it “Shit List” (’cause you get to shit all over it, see?) — but this one is a Shit List in the truest! Blender put together their selections for “The Most Disasterous Albums Of All Time,” or records that took unhealthy tolls on artists’ careers. No rank, no order, just the infamous-record listings:

  • MC Hammer – The Funky Headhunter. Gangsta Hammer. Bad idea.
  • Garth Brooks – In The Life Of Chris Gaines. Garth’s failed Ziggy Stardust.
  • Fleetwood Mac – Tusk. The inevitably commercially-disappointing follow-up to Rumours.
  • The Electric Prunes – Mass In F Minor. Classical-psych rock fusion. Another bad idea.
  • Peter Frampton – I’m In You. Folks had enough Frampton for awhile after Comes Alive
  • Mariah Carey – Glitter. Soundtrack to a horrible film and released on 9/11/01. Doomed.
  • Moby – Animal Rights. moby goes hard rock (look ma, no caps!)
  • Kiss – [Music From] The Elder. Concept album about immortal, energy based beings. Exactly what their fan base wanted!
  • The Happy Mondays – Yes Please! – Recorded in Barbados with Shaun Ryder on a healthy diet of 50 rocks of crack a day.

    Tusk? Really? Anyway, the list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, so we figure you guys could chime in. What records can you think of that signalled an artist’s point of no return? We’ll help get you started: Playing With Fire. Your turn.