The ‘Gum Bowl: The Championship Match

So you met the bowlers as they met each other and their teams, started talking trash and getting trashed. Then there was the riveting first round matchups and the losers very graciously losing (especially Larry Murphy). Now it’s the CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH, for all the marbles. Or at least, the main marble. And the festive trophy presentation ceremony. I can hardly stand the suspense!

The dance card: Team Please Don’t Tell (Jon Glaser, Patrick Borelli, Dawn Landes, Doveman, Sondre Lerche) vs. Team Not Seattle Team Strike Force (Gabe Delahaye, Max Silvestri, Marnie Stern, Jemina Pearl, Kip Berman). Congratulations, winning team that was just revealed in that video! Planet Earth thanks you for the contribution made to the Adirondack Council in your names.

There’s just one video left: all the highlights and funny shit we couldn’t include so far. Super! That comes soon. For now, our many thanks: to Sam Carroll, Ari Issler, and the crew at 8 Feet Tall for filming, editing, and producing these pieces; to Harper Blynn, for the use of drumbeats (by my brother, Sarab) from the track “Centrifugal Motion” off their debut LP Loneliest Generation, to Aislyn for their remix of Kristen Wiig’s “Champion,” and to the bowlers for being very attractive.

If you want all the ‘Gum Bowl items in one place, there’s a URL for that: