Britney’s Rules For Online Dating

A little while back the New York Times explored the topic of dating in the age of MySpace, highlighting the challenges faced for those in failed relationships:

But what are the rules? How long are you supposed to wait to change your status after a breakup ? or, for that matter, when a relationship begins? And beyond checking off status, what should you do with sexy comments a fling has posted? Or when do you downgrade an ex?s online avatar from your list of top friends?

Britney’s answer? One week! As Faded Youth points out, Brit updated her MySpace on 11/14, removing you know who from her top twelve (along with the message encouraging her fans to buy his abysmal album).

So New York Times, you may want to update that story, telling kids that custom and standards are as follows: “Remove your ex within seven days of termination and replace with the avatar for Jive Records.” Cite: Good authority.